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Doubt PSA

Yes, it's been a minute since my last organic post. I wrote this out in August but with technical difficulties (this tablet and my flesh) I delayed myself even further. I decided no more because I help folks in a different capacity and I neglected my full voice here. People need help, answers and a familiar face. So I am back,

Life has been eventful and even thought I had those technical issues, its been the dreaded "D" word...DOUBT. I believed in myself all right but doubt took a hold. The stealer of joy reared it's head. This is not particularly POTS related but they are adjacent. POTS is very much something that hinders me I have consider it in all my thoughts & actions. It's like the partner that I never asked for or get rid of. The doubt that comes with fear is really common to everyone. Doubt that could be successful, that anyone would read this, that I truly could be good at anything. It's paralyzing and stopped me in my tracks.

But looking over these last several several, several months I had nothing but success, so what happened? Success is not what I expected it to be. It is really easy to overlook the small victories and small steps lead to bigger goals. I was reminded of that recently and it helped me to make the decision to make it back. I tried multiple times to get back at it but my POTS discouraged me. Then in July I was reminded why I started this blog in the first place. Its not just that I have POTS. I represent a demographic that is largely ignored and underserved. I attended a conference that had maybe 300-400 people and there were maybe four other people who were black. Two had long covid and one had POTS like me. We talked and I loved every minute of it.

My access has grown and I really spent this time advocating just the same but it's time that I return to what I started to continue where I left off. Thanks for the patience.


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