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Mayo Clinic Day 2. New Developments

Full Disclosure: I forgot to mention that after all of that testing on the first day I had a follow up

appointment with the doctor at the end of the first day of testing. At that point I still didn't know that there would be an additional day of testing. He reminded me of Doctor House, I told him so, I basically had to recount my life from day 1 from my first symptom to that day. He had all of my records but it was nice to have someone actually listen for a change. He went over my results from that day and decided that more tests were needed. I did get the information and details later in the day.

Day 2

After the grueling day 1. I was asked to come back for a repeat tilt table test & a catecholamines test. Day 1 was supposed to be it but here comes Day 2 because based on my results the tilt table needed to be repeated with the breathing and temperature tests. I hate this test because of the symptoms it provokes as I mentioned in the last blog. I began the day bright an early for the catecholamines test. I never heard of it either before that night. After a Google search I saw that it is pronounced ka-tuh-kow-luh-meenz and I still can't say it right. At the time of the test I still didn't know what it was measuring for sure but it had something to do with cortisol...I thought. I did know that I had to get up very early and remain very calm. When I arrived at the clinic I was taken to a room where I laid down and was made nice and comfortable. My blood pressure was taken and I would like to say that a blood sample was taken too. The tech told me that I had to rest for about 30 minutes or so with the lights out to ensure that I was relaxed. It might have been an hour but I can't remember exactly. Since I didn't have my morning coffee I went out very quickly.

After a time the tech came to wake me up very gently for the next part of my test. He helped me get up very slowly and stand in front of the bed. There was a harness rigged from the ceiling that I was supposed to be strapped in but that seemed bit of a stretch so the tech helped me stand. They were trying to see if I pass out but I didn't because my body seems to fight it. However, I felt horrible and I think I cried a bit because of the stress this put on my system. Blood was drawn again to measure the cortisol levels. I was happy that the tech was very supportive and he kept apologizing. He allowed me to collect myself before going to the next test, the tilt table.

Here is where it gets fuzzy because I don't remember all of the details but I do know that I didn't faint. I didn't see the doctor in person again because I had to go home. We had a follow up video call to discuss the results. I did have blood drawn that was about 18 vials worth. This is not an exaggeration because I was shocked that I had that much blood removed and no meal was provided. There was also mention of a 24 hour urine test that I ended doing when I got home.

My final post on the topic will be next and it will talk about my new diagnosis and where I am today with the medication that I take. Life is always about change and it seems like this journey with Dysautonomia is no different.

Until next time.


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