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Welcome Back!

Welcome more like, I am back and the door are open again. Not like you have gone anywhere really. I am happy to be back and I will tell you that I started and stopped over a dozen times since my last post. Each time I wanted to say something but felt like too much time had passed.

So much occurred since my last post and I will try to share as much as I can. As always, it's my health that initially held me back, then it was that temporary feeling of dread that I won't be able to accomplish this goal because of this constant cycle. Then I made excuses about not having my laptop (well it did kind of die). Then the pandemic rolled in. Supply chain issues and more and more stories...

Did I ever make it Mayo? Yes I did in the midst of a lockdown. This have surely changed for me and I can honestly say that I missed this so much. People still have questions. People are developing long covid and need answers. Some reports are saying that its POTS or some form of Dysautonomia. I attended the Dysautonomia International Conference virtually and they gave loads of info.

More to come. It feels good to be back. Believe me, the next post will be longer. I'm just getting my feet wet. I am glad that you are back too.


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