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Acne At 40

There are many things that I expected with turning 40. I have this one prominent gray hair that is on the left side of my hair line as well as few others that have joined it. I have a few fine lines and one deep laugh line from good fun and happy living. I don't have Arthur but his cousin Achy. However, the one thing that I didn't anticipate having is my 40! I've had acne since I was about nine and since then I learned to deal with it. It wasn't the worst thing ever but just one of those things that so many people have to go through. My pimples would come and go and occasionally erupt in painful clusters on my forehead nose or chin. I suffered through the school pictures with the fresh break out and old scars. I've popped them, put toothpaste on them and dried them out with alcohol. Still they have been my persistent and unwanted companion.

Now that I am 40 I am really tired of looking at my skin with without having a smooth canvas. My skin is still very oily and since I've gotten older I wanted to try something different. I learned that water is your best friend not only because it hydrates your body but it also makes my skin happy. I have also learned that dairy not only messes with my stomach but with the skin on my face. Lastly, I have Solar Urticaria and it causes me to get this raised rash as soon as the sun's rays touch my skin. What is a girl to do?

One thing that you can know about me is that I like learning, researching and information. This may sound like the same thing but they are all different components of knowledge. One topic that I am interested in is Korean culture. It is my daughter's fault and no it was not because of Gangnam Style. This started about 10 years ago. One thing I picked up on is their skincare routine which can have about 10 steps or more. Oh yeah, it is not cheap either! One Youtuber I follow is from the U.S. and lives in Korea. Her skin was really bad but be she started using a Korean skincare line it and her skin has vastly improved! I really want to give it a try but with my son's Graduation on the horizon, I will not spend that type of money.

I don't remember how but I was introduced to The Ordinary and their foundation for just over $6 a year or so ago. I tried in vain to get a bottle but it was always sold out. During my searches I happened upon their skincare line. Mind you, the website is extremely confusing. I couldn't figure it out so I left it alone. I forgot about it until a co-worker at my 9 to 5 mentioned that she had a bottle and didn't want it because she purchased two different formulas. We are in a similar shade range and I jumped at it. Well I loved it. I pushed my Fenty aside and I use this all the time.

Fast forward to this week. I was looking for skincare again and I thought about The Ordinary and I decided to give it go. I needed to do something about my skin. I looked at the site and went through the list by category because I was still overwhelmed at the options. There are several companies listed with many types products so this search worked best for me. I settled on a toner, an oil and a moisturizer. I couldn't find a scrub on the site so I picked up a salt and coconut scrub to try at Marshalls. I rounded up my purchase with another foundation serum and a silicone primer all under $35 free shipping.

Once I get the items I plan to use them regularly and do an update in about two months to let you know if it works. I am a bit fickle but this post will keep me honest.

Here we go with project get rid of acne after 40!

One day at a time.

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