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Review: Krabby Krafter Designs by Brittany Krok

I was going to get a Costco sheet cake for my son's graduation because it was easy and a crowd favorite. That was until I happened upon Brittany Krok and her cupcakes at a local event in Maryland. I didn't know what to expect because though they looked scrumptious, I've been deceived by looks and had some DRY cupcakes. I kept my eye on them and decided to get one to support a vendor and to satisfy a sweet tooth. Since I love butter cream frosting I decided to purchase a vanilla cupcake with vanilla bean frosting and I split it with my friend. I took one bite and I was amazed. I secretly wanted to take the other half back and have it all for myself. The cupcake was soft, moist and delicious. I knew right there that I had to get those cupcakes for my event.

I visited her Facebook page @ Krabby Krafter Designs and looked at her creations. The pictures did not do justice of her talent but I was hooked already on that taste and I sent her an email and placed my order. It consisted of 30 cupcakes, half chocolate and half vanilla with the enchanting vanilla bean frosting. If you love vanilla bean then this is for you. As an added bonus she added purple and gold sugar to the top. The cupcakes were a hit with the family and set the mood for the entire week. I even sent my dad back to New York with four but I doubt they made it up I-95. Needless to say, they are ALL gone. If you have an event in the area I would order from Brittany because they were phenomenal. There are other flavors listed and I haven't tried them but I will for future events.

I give these a wonderful, fabulous thumbs up!

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